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Tomorrow (17 October) my team and I will depart for Cape Town, South Africa the first leg in our journey to Lake Untersee in the Mountains of Queen Maud Land, Antarctica.

Hi Keith: I am writing from sunny, warm, Cape Town, South Africa having arrived the night before last on the Il-76TD-90VD operated by Antarctic Logistics Centre International (ALCI).

Dale Andersen sent this message via Iridium 7:24:11 AM EST 11 February 2018: "Hi Keith: 14 members of the JARE 59 summer team are returning to Novolazarevskaya today, our flight shoutouts arrived in about 15 min. I will try to track the flight with my InReach, but may not be able to get a good signal while inside. More from Novo. cheers, Dale"

February 6, 2018 3:55:35 PM EST Update: "Hi Keith, Quick note to let you know we are now at Syowa Station - depending on the weather, we will be here a few days before the flight back to Novo Station and onto Cape Town.

Dale sent this message via Iridium on 5 February 2018 at 10:24:46 AM EST: "Hi Keith, Thanks for the update - we stayed inside most of the day listening to the wind blow, with average windspeeds of 40 knots gusting to 45 knots or more off and on throughout the late morning and afternoon."

Keith's note: I just sent this weather report to Dale Andersen. From these 3 webcam shots it looks like things are calmer now but it will get bad again soon as several gales continue to affect the region.

Dale sent this message via Iridium on 2 February 2018 at 4:41:48 PM EST: "Hi Keith: We returned from two days at Syowa Station and are now back in the Kizahashi Hut on Skarvsnes once again."

Dale Andersen sent this via inReach from Lat -69.47328 Lon 39.604897 on 30 January 2018 at 1:42:16 AM EST: "Hi Keith, we moved back to the Kizahashi Hut on Skarvsnes Island yesterday afternoon. We will start winding down the science and will begin packing up the camp soon."

Dale Andersen sent this via Iridium on January 28, 2018 1:27:35 PM EST "Keith: We had a busy day here today, diving Lake Skallen. The lake had retained about half its ice-cover which made searching for and retrieving instrumentation a bit more difficult."

Dale Andersen sent this message via InReach from Lat -69.673748 Lon 39.402809 at on 26 January 2018 at 12:33:21 PM EST: "Hi Keith, we made it over to Skallen earlier today during a break in the weather. Once we began snowing again so we scrambled to get gear organized and tents up."