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That Time Star Trek Tents Were Actually Used In Antarctica

By Keith Cowing
March 27, 2024
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That Time Star Trek Tents Were Actually Used In Antarctica
Lake Untersee Base Camp 2023 – Dale Andersen/Heimplanet

Editor’s note: In the Star Trek Strange New Worlds Second Season episode “Under The Cloak of War” there are battle scenes that feature military base with a lot of tents. Those tents were bought by the production company from the manufacturer Heimplanet.

By coincidence, astrobiologist, SCUBA explorer, and adventurer Dale Andersen had several of these tents at his base camp at Lake Untersee, Antarctica in 2023. (see Dale Andersen’s Astrobiology Antarctic Status Report: 5 November 2023: Setting Up Base Camp At Lake Untersee).

One thing led to another and now Heimplanet has a blog post on Dale’s expedition and their tent referencing my Astrobiology.com website and Star Trek Strange New Worlds. Life imitating art imitating life etc.

Note the multiple Cave Tents from Heimplanet in the background. L-R Clinton Howard as Buck andJess Bush as Chapel in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds . Photo Credit: Michael Gibson/Paramount+ Larger image at Trek Core

Heimplanet Maverick Basecamp tent at Lake Untersee – Dale Andersen

Here is the Heimplanet blog post.

“In October 2023, astrobiologist Dale Andersen once again set off into the icy expanse of Antarctica to conduct another research expedition on the mysterious ‘undersea’. This is the 27th field season on the frozen continent for the researcher from the Carl Sagan Center, SETI Institute in Mountain, CA . A leading figure in polar exploration, Andersen’s work was featured in the BBC documentary “Frozen Planet II” and promises to provide new insights into the pristine wilderness of this remote region. His explorations highlight the implications of local life forms on humanity and vice versa, emphasizing the complex relationship between the environment and our species. Also on hison his equipment list are the HEIMPLANET Mavericks and The Cave.”


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