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NAI Announces NASA Postdoctoral Program Selections

By Keith Cowing
March 29, 2010

The NAI is pleased to announce selections of the NASA Postdoctoral Program resulting from the November 2009 cycle.

1. William Brazelton – Advisor: Matthew Schrenk, The Carnegie Institution of Washington and East Carolina University Topic: Tracing Energy, Carbon, and Nitrogen Flow in Serpentinization-fueled Microbial Ecosystems

2. Gregory Fournier – Advisor Eric Alm, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Team Topic: Reconstructing the Evolution of Protein Synthesis: A Novel Compositional Approach for Studying Early Life and the Emergence of Complexity

3. Jennifer Kyle – Advisors: Linda Jahnke and Ken Stedman, NASA Ames Research Center and Portland State University Topic: Viral Preservation within Terrestrial Hot Springs

4. Felisa Wolfe-Simon – Advisors: Ariel Anbar and Ronald Oremland, Arizona State University and the USGS- Menlo Park Topic: Arsenic and Old Life: Novel Geo-biochemistry of Arsenic in Biological Systems

More information about the NPP can be found at

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