International Astrobiology School 2024

By Keith Cowing
Status Report
International Astrobiology School 2024
February 6, 2024
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International Astrobiology School 2024
International Astrobiology School 2024

Astrobiology is one of the hot topics of today’s scientific research, attracting the interest of multiple, complementary disciplinary fields. Therefore, the training of new generations of researchers with an interdisciplinary background in this field is more topical and urgent than ever.

Thus, the organisation of the School of Astrobiology will give master’s and doctoral students from all over the world the opportunity to attend a series of lectures on the salient topics of astrobiology. Speakers of both national and international importance, belonging to different disciplinary fields, will present the main results of their research, providing the necessary tools to face the challenges of astrobiology.

The school is organised in collaboration with AbGradE (Astrobiology Graduates in Europe), which brings together European Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD students and post-doc researchers working and studying in the field of astrobiology, to celebrate the association’s 10th anniversary.

We are proud to organise the first International School of Astrobiology in collaboration with AbGradE on Italian soil.

10th AbGradE Anniversary
21 – 24 May 2024, Florence


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