Astrogeology: July 2007

Date: December 6-7th, 2007
Time: TBA
Venue: NASA Ames Research Center, Auditorium, Building N-245, Mountain View, CA

Organizing Committee: Ignacio Mosqueira (NASA Ames/SETI Institute), Dale Cruikshank (NASA Ames) Owing to spacecraft missions and groundbased observations, we possess a wealth of Solar System data. The richness of the observations should provide a solid foundation for our understanding of the early history of the Solar System. Yet, this abundance also means that in practice one must subdivide the problem into more manageable pieces. While this is a practical approach, before reliable conclusions can be obtained in this way, they must survive consistency checks, and a battery of tests involving a sufficiently broad observational sample. Only then can we attain a deeper understanding of the origins of planetary systems in general, and the Solar System in particular.