Astrobiologist Dale Andersen Antarctic Status Report 24 November 2018: Better Weather

"Last night was a bit noisy with 40-50 knot winds rattling the tents, but they were not destructive so all is well here at Lake Untersee."

"As we approach the Antarctic summer, our air temperatures will rise quite a bit, nearing and at times just exceeding the freezing point. Today we have -2°C, low clouds and 10 knot winds, occasionally gusting to 20-30 knots. At least on this side of the lake - in the SE corner winds can be considerably higher which can limit work there. We need to drill a few more holes and collect sediment samples there so that may be on our to do list tomorrow.

Fortunately the latest forecast has a significant improvement in the weather arriving tomorrow afternoon (Sunday) and remaining with us through at least Tuesday. Monday afternoon, weather permitting, the twin otter will drop by with the hole melter, either landing on the lake, or, if needed, 6 miles to the north on the Anuchin Glacier. If all goes well we will begin melting a dive hole on Monday afternoon and barring any further challenges, we should be diving by next Wednesday or Thursday.


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