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NASA Spaceline Current Awareness List #1,068 29 September 2023 (Space Life Science Research Results)

By Keith Cowing
Status Report
September 29, 2023
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NASA Spaceline Current Awareness List #1,068  29 September 2023 (Space Life Science Research Results)
A preflight view of Red Robin dwarf tomato growing in growing in Veggie hardware at the Kennedy Space Center – part of Veg-05 experiment.

Papers deriving from NASA support:

  1. Olanrewaju GO, Kruse CPS, Wyatt SE.Functional meta-analysis of the proteomic responses of Arabidopsis seedlings to the spaceflight environment reveals multi-dimensional sources of variability across spaceflight experiments.Int J Mol Sci. 2023 Sep 22;24(19):14425.PI: S.E. WyattNote: ISS results. This article is part of Special Issue “Cellular and Molecular Signaling Meet the Space Environment 2.0” ( The Special Issue includes articles from Current Awareness lists #1,034; #1,048; #1,058; #1,064; and #1,065 and This article may be obtained online without charge.

    Journal Impact Factor: 5.6

    Funding: “This work was partially funded by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Science Mission Directorate grants NASA #80NSSC19K1481 to SEW.”
  2. Vergnes L, Foucaud B, Cepeda C, Espinosa-Jeffrey A.Metabolomics profile of the secretome of space-flown oligodendrocytes.Cells. 2023 Sep 11;12(18):2249.PI: A. Espinosa-JeffreyNote: ISS Results. This article belongs to Topical Collection “Oligodendrocyte Physiology and Pathology Function” ( and may be obtained online without charge.

    Journal Impact Factor: 6.0

    Funding: “NASA Space Biology Grant: NNX15AB43G; the Cell Culture and Imaging Core is supported by the NIH (Grant U54HD08710).”
  3. Ramos-Nascimento A, Grenga L, Haange SB, Himmelmann A, Arndt FS, Ly YT, Miotello G, Pible O, Jehmlich N, Engelmann B, von Bergen M, Mulder E, Frings-Meuthen P, Hellweg CE, Jordan J, Rolle-Kampczyk U, Armengaud J, Moeller R.Human gut microbiome and metabolite dynamics under simulated microgravity.Gut Microbes. 2023 Dec;15(2):2259033.Note: Bed rest study (AGBRESA is the Artificial Gravity Bed Rest—European Space Agency). This article may be obtained online without charge.

    Journal Impact Factor: 12.2

    Funding: “The DLR research team received funding from the following DLR grants: ISS LIFE (Program RF-FuW, Grant#475). The study was funded by the German Aerospace Center, the European Space Agency (contract number 4000113871/15/ NL/PG) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (contract number 80JSC018P0078), and performed at the :envihab research facility of the DLR Institute of Aerospace Medicine. A.R.N. was supported by the DLR/ DAAD Research Fellowship [57575486]. These results will be included in the PhD thesis of A. H.”
  4. Rosa-Caldwell ME, Mortreux M, Wadhwa A, Kaiser UB, Sung D-M, Bouxsein ML, Rutkove SB.Sex differences in muscle health in simulated micro- and partial-gravity environments in rats.Sports Med Health Sci. 2023 Sep 12. Onine ahead of print.PIs: M.E. Rosa-Caldwell, S.B. RutkoveNote: Hindlimb unloading study.

    Journal Impact Factor: Not available for this journal

    Funding: “This study was funded by NASA Awards: 80NSSC21K0311 (M.E.R/S.B.R) and 80NSSC19K1598 (S.B.R) as well as NIH Award: R37HD019938 (U.B.K.), and T32GM144273 (A.W.) from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences.”
  5. Waisberg E, Ong J, Zaman N, Paladugu P, Kamran SA, Tavakkoli A, Lee AG.The spaceflight contrast sensitivity hypothesis and its role to investigate the pathophysiology of spaceflight-associated neuro-ocular syndrome.Front Ophthalmol. 2023 Sep 5;3:1229748.PI: A. TavakkoliNote: This is an opinion article and may be obtained online without charge.

    Journal Impact Factor: Not available for this journal

    Funding: “This work is supported by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and is part of our development of a non-invasive framework for astronaut vision, with the goal of monitoring subtle vision changes that occur during spaceflight.”
  6. Desorgher L, Stabilini A, Rostomyan T, Reggiani D, Hajdas W, Marcinkowski RM, Vozenin M-C, Limoli CL, Yukihara EG, Bailat C.Dosimetry of the PIM1 pion beam at the Paul Scherrer Institute for Radiobiological Studies of Mice.Radiat Res. 2023 Sep 13. Online ahead of print.PI: C.L. LimoliJournal Impact Factor: 3.4

    Funding: NASA grant NNX15AI22G.
  7. Ranson TM, Barton ME, McLean RJC.Influence of central metabolism disruption on Escherichia coli biofilm formation.Can J Microbiol. 2023 Sep 20. Online ahead of print.PI: R.J.C. McLeanNote: This article may be obtained online without charge.

    Journal Impact Factor: 2.8

    Funding: “This study was funded by grants from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (grant HS5HWWK1AAU5), the US National Science Foundation (grant 2224449) and a Research Enhancement Program grant from Texas State University.”
  8. Bakshi A, Choi WG, Kim SH, Gilroy S.The vacuolar Ca2+ transporter CATION EXCHANGER 2 regulates cytosolic calcium homeostasis, hypoxic signaling, and response to flooding in Arabidopsis thaliana.New Phytol. 2023 Sep 25. Online ahead of print.PI: S. GilroyNote: This article may be obtained online without charge.

    Journal Impact Factor: 9.4

    Funding: “We thank Dr. Sarah Swanson, for critical reading of the manuscript and Amanda Miller for invaluable technical assistance. Supported by NSF (NSF IOS1557899, MCB2016177), NASA (NNX14AT25G, 80NSSC19K0126 and 80NSSC21K0577), and USDA Hatch (NEV00389).”
  9. Garcias-Bonet N, Roik A, Tierney B, García FC, Villela HDM, Dungan AM, Quigley KM, Sweet M, Berg G, Gram L, Bourne DG, Ushijima B, Sogin M, Hoj L, Duarte G, Hirt H, Smalla K, Rosado AS, Carvalho S, Thurber RV, Ziegler M, Mason CE, van Oppen MJH, Voolstra CR, Peixoto RS.Horizon scanning the application of probiotics for wildlife.Trends Microbiol. Sep 25. Online ahead of print.PI: C.E. MasonNote: This article may be obtained online without charge.

    Journal Impact Factor: 15.9

    Funding: “… C.E.M. and B.T. would also like to thank the WorldQuant Foundation, NASA (80NSSC22K0254), and the National Institutes of Health (R01AI151059, U01DA053941). …”

Other papers of interest:

  1. Scarsoglio S, Fois M, Ridolfi L.Increased hemodynamic pulsatility in the cerebral microcirculation during parabolic flight-induced microgravity: A computational investigation.Acta Astronaut. 2023 Oct;211:344-52.
  2. Tong F, Wu C, Wang L, Jing X, Wu S, Sun J, Hu Y, Li J, Wang Y, Li Y.Can XunTian Tai Chi intervention improve the level of emotional regulation of crew members in the Controlled Ecological Life Support System?Sports Med Health Sci. 2023 Sep;5(3):245-50.Note: From the abstract: “To explore the appropriate exercise methods and means for astronauts in confined and small isolation conditions, a set of XunTian Tai Chi suitable for the spaceflight workforce was created, with the aim of discovering the practical effects of XunTian Tai Chi and providing a scientific basis for the subsequent development of new astronaut health maintenance techniques with Chinese characteristics.”
  3. Waisberg E, Ong J, Lee AG.Space radiation and the potential for early cataract development.Eye (Lond). 2023 Sep 21.Note: This article is a comment.
  4. Wang J, Huang Z.Multiscale numerical simulations of plasma charging effects for astronaut at the lunar terminator.IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science. 2023 Jul 31;1-10.Note: From the abstract: “We present four correlated simulation studies concerning plasma charging and its effects over ten orders of magnitude in length scales for astronaut on extravehicular activity (EVA) at the lunar terminator.”
  5. Wiedmann I, Weerts G, Brixius K, Seemüller A, Mittelstädt J, Herssens N, Weber T.The ESA Parastronaut Feasibility Project: Investigating the need and contents of physical performance tests for an inclusive European Astronaut Corps.Sports Med. 2023 Sep 25. Online ahead of print.Note: This article may be obtained online without charge.
  6. Muñoz-Hisado V, Ruiz-Blas F, Sobrado JM, Garcia-Lopez E, Martinez-Alonso E, Alcázar A, Cid C.Bacterial molecular machinery in the Martian cryosphere conditions.Front Microbiol. 2023 Jul 26;14.Note: This article is part of Research Topic “The Impact of the Space Environment on Microbial Growth and Behavior” ( The Research Topic also includes articles from previous Current Awareness Lists #1,009, and; #1,041; #1,046; #1,050; and #1,053 This article may be obtained online without charge.
  7. Ino Y, Ohira T, Kumagai K, Nakai Y, Akiyama T, Moriyama K, Takeda Y, Saito T, Ryo A, Inaba Y, Hirano H, Kimura Y.Identification of mouse soleus muscle proteins altered in response to changes in gravity loading.Sci Rep. 2023 Sep 22;13(1):15768.Note: This article may be obtained online without charge.
  8. Tsitkanou S, Morena da Silva F, Cabrera AR, Schrems ER, Murach KA, Washington TA, Rosa-Caldwell ME, Greene NP.Biological sex divergence in transcriptomic profiles during the onset of hindlimb unloading-induced atrophy.Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2023 Sep 25. Online ahead of print.Note: Hindlimb unloading study.
  9. Nosikova I, Riabova A, Kitov V, Tomilovskaya E.Corticospinal excitability after 5-day dry immersion in women.Front Neural Circuits. 2023 Sep 22;17:1163346.

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