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NASA 2023 Analysis Working Group Symposium Videos

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
April 5, 2023
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NASA 2023 Analysis Working Group Symposium Videos
NASA 2023 Analysis Working Group Symposium Videos

The Analysis Working Groups (AWG) are comprised of scientists with diverse backgrounds and are subdivided into six main areas of expertise: Plant, Animal, Microbes, Multi-omics, Ames Life Sciences Data Archive – ALSDA, and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning – AI/ML.

The AWG members focus on establishing consensus pipelines, discussing processed data, and analyzing Open Science data that enables new discoveries.

The morning session contained opening remarks by acting GeneLab Project Scientist Lauren Sanders, an overview of TOPS by Space Biosciences Research Branch Chief Sylvain Costes, and an inspiring keynote address from AWG member, Eliah Overbey, who discussed sample analysis from the Inspiration 4 mission.

This was followed by science talks from the AWG community that included one presenter from each of the six AWGs.

Morning session

Afternoon session

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