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Why Is NASA's Astrobiology Program Ignoring "Cosmos"?

By Keith Cowing
Keith Cowing
March 10, 2014
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Why Is NASA's Astrobiology Program Ignoring "Cosmos"?

Last night @NASA and other main NASA Twitter accounts devoted a lot of real time tweeting and linking of images and references in support of the premiere of “Cosmos”.

Most notably, President Obama thought it worth his time to make a rather unprecedented on-air introduction to the series. Oddly, NASA’s Astrobiology program did not say one damn thing. There is no mention on NASA’s main astrobiology website. No mention was made on their 880,000 follower AstrobiologyNAI Twitter account either.  

Of all the disciplines at NASA, this new Cosmos series probably highlights the core themes of Astrobiology more than almost any other. Its like a free weekly advertisement for the whole concept of what Astrobiology has come to mean over the 15 years.

Indeed, I doubt Astrobiology would even exist were it not for the cross disciplinary seeds sewn by the original Cosmos series and efforts by Carl Sagan to link life and the universe into one cohesive framework – something Neil Tyson continues to do. Baffling. Someone at NASA needs to kick the NASA Astrobiology Institute in their collective ass and get them to start paying attention to what millions of people are learning about their program.

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