NASA Astrobiology Program

New NAI International Partner: Nordic Network of Astrobiology Graduate Schools

By Keith Cowing
May 7, 2011

The Nordic Network of Astrobiology Graduate Schools is coordinated from Stockholm University and currently comprises six Nordic universities, one in the Baltic States (Estonia), and one in the US. The Nordic Network is formally now an Affiliate Partner of the NAI. The universities and local coordinators of the Network are:

* University of Bergen, Norway (Dr. Nicola McLoughlin)
* University of Aarhus, Denmark (Dr. Liv Hornekaer)
* University of Turku, Finland (Dr. Kirsi Lehto)
* University of Copenhagen, Denmark (Dr. Uffe Grae Jorgensen)
* University of Iceland/IMO (Dr. orsteinn orsteinsson)
* University of Tartu, Estonia (Prof. Kalle Kirsimaee)
* University of Hawai’I, USA (Prof. Karen Meech)
* Stockholm University, Sweden (Dr. Wolf Geppert, Network Coordinator)

The Nordic Network has been engaged in a variety of activities, mainly focused on graduate training. In addition, many Network members are active in interdisciplinary astrobiology research, in many cases in collaboration with US investigators.

The NAI and the Nordic Network envision that the partnership will focus initially on the following areas:

* participation of Nordic and U.S. students and young scientists in courses organised by the Nordic Network and the NAI, such as the prior Nordic-NASA Summer/ Winter Schools;
* participation of Nordic researchers in NASA Astrobiology Focus Groups;
* exchanges of U.S. and Nordic scientists and students to perform research at each other’s institutions;
* exchanges of U.S. and Nordic scientists for lecture presentations; and
* organization of Nordic/NASA workshops in astrobiology.

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