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NAI Student Travel Funds Available for 2006 GSA Annual Meeting

By Keith Cowing
July 20, 2006

The NAI has awarded $4000 to support student participation in “Changes in Ocean and Atmospheric redox state and the evolution of life” session of the 2006 GSA Annual Meeting.

Session co-conveners, Drs. Ganqing Jiang and Andrey Bekker, invite students to contribute papers that examine sedimentological, paleobiological, elemental, isotopic, and mineralogical redox indicators, and the global effects of life on composition of the atmosphere and ocean. Students interested in applying for travel funds should submit an abstract to the session, and should contact Dr. Ganqing [email protected] for further information.

This session is co-sponsored by the Paleontological Society and the GSA Geobiology and Geomicrobiology Division, and is aimed at bringing together the ideas of specialists who are using various tools to constrain the redox state of modern, Phanerozoic, and Precambrian ocean and atmosphere. For more information about the 2006 GSA Annual meeting, visit [Source: NAI Newsletter]

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