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By Keith Cowing
July 19, 2006

NAI Postdoctoral Fellowship Program Accepting Applications: Deadline August 1
A reminder applications are now being accepted for the August 1 cycle of the NAI Postdoctoral Program, administered by Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU).

The NAI Postdoctoral Fellowship Program provides opportunities for Ph.D., Sc.D., or M.D. scientists and engineers of unusual promise and ability to perform research on problems largely of their own choosing, yet compatible with the research interests of NASA and the member teams of the NASA Astrobiology Institute.

NAI Postdoctoral Fellows become full members of the NAI, and, as such, are included in the NAI database and on-line directory, invited to attend and submit abstracts for NAI General Meetings, given access to NAI collaborative tools, and are eligible for additional NAI funding opportunities. NAI Fellows have, therefore, a wide spectrum of opportunities for further collaboration with NAI researchers, as well as the broader scientific community. In this role, NAI Fellows act as ‘Ambassadors’ amongst the NAI Teams, and between the NAI and the broader scientific community, – helping to define and lead the new discipline of astrobiology.

For additional information about the program see [Source: NAI Newsletter]

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