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Conference: From Planetary Formation, To Biology To Future Of Life

By Keith Cowing
Status Report
Københavns Universitet
March 30, 2024
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Conference: From Planetary Formation, To Biology To Future Of Life
Early Earth

This is a conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, July 30 to August 2, 2024, on the theme “from planetary formation, to biology to future of life”, addressing questions like “What determines whether an interstellar cloud of gas and dust collapses into a habitable or a lifeless planetary system?”, “Was there something special about the way our own Solar System formed and/or developed?”, “Is there a great filter that we cannot pass on our evolution toward higher intelligence?”, and “Can we observe it?”.

These and many more questions about the conditions that eventually will lead to the ability for life to develop on some of the many exoplanetary systems being discovered today will be discussed by leading scientists within the wide range of areas that illuminates the field.

The full program, list of subjects and invited speakers, and registration, can be found at:

Deadline for early registration (250 Euros) is May 1, and for late registration (300 Euros) July 1, 2024.

Contact: Uffe Grae Jorgensen, [email protected]


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