Education and Outreach: November 2006

With this amendment to ROSES-2006, NASA establishes a new program element in Appendix E.5 entitled "History of the Scientific Exploration of Earth and Space." The primary objective of the History of the Scientific Exploration of Earth and Space (HSEES) program element is to engage, inform, and inspire diverse public audiences by sharing historical knowledge about NASA's scientific exploration of the Earth and space and by communicating NASA's unique contributions to the advancement of Earth and space science during the past 50 years. An essential component of communicating to the public is accurate, complete, well-written histories about the scientific exploration of space.

NASA announces a call for graduate fellowship proposals to the NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship (NESSF) program for the 2007/2008 academic year. This call for fellowship proposals solicits applications from accredited U.S. Universities on behalf of individuals pursuing Master of Science (M.Sc.) or Doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees in Earth and space sciences, or related disciplines.

In July 2006, Arizona State University launched the School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE) as part of a university-wide initiative in transdisciplinary research and education. SESE faculty are explicitly organizing their research efforts around "grand challenges" in the earth and space sciences, such as: