Dale Andersen's Field Reports: November 2021

Hi Keith, All is well here at Lake Untersee in the mountains of Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. Our traverse from the ice-runway at Novolazarevskaya Station went well with good weather and visibility, and the new BRP Lynx Commander snowmobiles we used performed remarkably well and were very fuel efficient - which is very important to us during our 6 hour, 125 km ride inland.

12 Nov 2021 2:18 PM ET "We had a great ride to Untersee. Our BRP Lynx Commanders worked well as did the clothing they provided. We have the first tent set up now, time to eat!"

Dale Andersen sent this message from: Lat -70.822581 Lon 11.647224: "Will head to Novo Station later this morning by truck and snowmobile to pick up my dive hole melter and will give it an operational check later today."

Weather is much nicer today, and while we still have some blowing snow, it is not too bad. We dug out the snowmobiles and got them up and running again.

Winds have picked up and visibility has dropped to under a half a kilometer. White out conditions will likely continue through tomorrow.

Another good day working with our cargo, the large traverse sled used to carry it all and working with the snowmobiles.