Dale Andersen's Field Reports: October 2021

We had our first full day here at the ice-runway at Novo Station. We spent most of the day getting several of our snowmobiles working and that have been in cold storage since we last used them in 2019 and assembling and organizing cargo we brought down with us on the flight.

Dale Andersen reports that he has arrived via na IL-76TD-90VD aircraft at Novolazarevskaya Station aka "Novo". After this year's gear is collected and stowed the traverse to Untersee Oasis will begin.

Dale Andersen: While at Untersee Oasis, we will continue our studies of Lake Untersee and it's stunningly beautiful and interesting ecosystem. This year we will again be diving beneath its thick, 3.5 m perennial ice-cover to make observations and collect samples to depths of ~30 m.