Conferences and Meetings: December 2011

Nordic-NASA summer school "Water, ice and the Origin of Life in the Universe", which will be held in Iceland from 2 to 15 July 2012, aims to give participants a thorough high-level introduction into the role of water in the evolution of life in the cosmos, starting from formation of water molecules in space and ending with evolution of the first organisms. It will bring together students and researchers from a multitude of different science branches, making it a truly multidisciplinary event. The event will be organised by the Nordic Astrobiology Network ( together with the NASA Astrobiology Institute. Field studies on the colonisation of lava fields and glaciers will complement the lectures. The programme of the summer school comprises:

* lectures by internationally leading scientists covering a broad range of subjects in astrobiology
* investigation of colonisation of volcanic rocks and glaciers with in situ life detection techniques
* excursions to geologically and biologically interesting sites (lava caves, new lava fields)
* 2 poster sessions for students and early career scientists
* participants-led discussions about hot topics

The event is aimed for graduate students and early career scientists (up to 5 years after their first Ph. D. in a related field) in fields related to astrobiology. Undergraduate students can also apply, and can be accepted under exceptional circumstances. The event is open to applicants from all nationalities. Detailed information about the summer school and the application procedure (deadline 31 January 2012) can be found at Successful applicants accepted by the Scientific Committee as participants will receive free lodging, meals and excursions, but will have to organise financial means for their travel to and from Iceland themselves.Course credit awards (ECTS points) for undergraduate and Ph. D. students will be applied for by the course organisers.

The 17th Cambridge Workshop on Cool Stars, Stellar Systems and the Sun (Cool Stars 17) will be held at the World Trade Center in Barcelona, Spain between June 24 - 29, 2012. The opening reception will be on Sunday evening, June 24. Science sessions will run from Monday, June 25 through Friday, June 29. The morning plenary sessions will focus on fundamental parameters and formation of cool stars and brown dwarfs, magnetic fields and activity, the solar-stellar connection and cool stars as exoplanet hosts. There will be afternoon splinter sessions on topics to be proposed by meeting attendees, as well as ample space and time for displaying and viewing posters.

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Source: NAI Newsletter