Astrobiologist Dale Andersen Antarctic Status Report 7 November 2019: Camp Established

©Dale Andersen

Lake Untersee

We spent the last several days getting the camp established and today the last tent (the Weatherport to be used at the field lab) was put in place.

We drilled a hole through nearly 4 meters of ice yesterday about 100 m from the camp to obtain water for drinking and cooking so we are almost set to go - we now have shelter, heat and water. Tomorrow the lab tent will be set up inside and I will likely fire up the hole melter to test it out, and will soon begin making a dive tent.

The forecast for the weekend includes a bit of wind and snow, but it does not appear that it will last too long:

SAT Broken clouds, east-southeast about 25kt, at night further incr. winds up to 40kt.
SUN Frequently overcast skies, some snowflakes and east-southeast 45kt/blowing snow.

- Latest Weather Observations for Novolazarevskaja, Australian Bureau of Meteorology
- Antarctic weather satellite imagery
- Earlier reports


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