2019 Breakthrough Discuss Conference: Migration of Life in the Universe


Life spreading through the universe

The 2019 Breakthrough Discuss Conference: "Migration of Life in the Universe" is being held on 11-12 April. A live webcast starts at 8:00 am PDT/11:00 am EDT at http://www.youtube.com/breakthroughprize. Details on the event can be found here. Live tweeting will be done at @Astrobiology

Humanity is on the verge of finding life elsewhere in the Universe and is approaching the capacity to send life purposefully. If life is found elsewhere there will likely be controversy about its origin.

For example, for any life on another planet or moon, we will want to know if we share a common origin: was this life transferred to or from Earth, or did life arise independently on each world? The possibility that life can or might be transported among planets, star systems, and galaxies - often known as panspermia - frames the major questions being explored at Breakthrough Discuss 2019.

Attendance at this conference is by invitation only.

Location: University of California Field Club, California Memorial Stadium, 2227 Pied, Berkeley, CA, US, 94720

April 11-12, 2019 (Thursday, Friday - 08:00-17:00)

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