Astrobiologist Dale Andersen Antarctic Status Report 4 November 2018: Productive Day at Lake Untersee

"Today was a pretty productive day. We turned in early yesterday, everyone was pretty tired from the traverse the day before followed by a day of getting two more tents up and a first cut at organizing the camp."

"Yesterday was another day with high winds and blowing snow which made the work all the more tedious. But we awoke this morning to a quiet calm and after a quick breakfast we began the day with a quick snowmobile tour around the lake (its 6 km long) and continued setting up the camp. This afternoon we drilled through the 3.5 meters of ice to make sure we have fresh water for drinking and cooking the freeze-dried meals (a variety of BackPackers Pantry cuisine).

Tomorrow we will begin putting up the diving tent and organize the science lab, getting generators online etc. But, we will see what the weather brings us, which could impact our activities.

Cheers from Lake Untersee! Dale"

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