Astrobiologist Dale Andersen Antarctic Status Report 15 February 2018: Heading Home

©Dale Andersen

Kizahashi Hut, our field camp at Skarvsnes

Hi Keith: I am writing from sunny, warm, Cape Town, South Africa having arrived the night before last on the Il-76TD-90VD operated by Antarctic Logistics Centre International (ALCI).

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Our work at the lakes near Syowa Station in Antarctica has come to an end for now, but I hope to revisit that region again in a couple of years. Syowa Station is now beginning its winter-over period, while the icebreaker Shirase begins oceanographic work as it moves along the Antarctic coast and then North to Sydney, Australia a trip that will take another six weeks.

I will begin planning for a return to lakes Untersee and Obersee soon and if all works out my team and I will return to Antarctica again in mid-October. Early tomorrow morning (12:40 am) I begin the 30 hour trip home!

Thanks again for the weather and occasional news updates while I was in field! Enclosed is a photo I made while staying at the Kizahashi Hut, our field camp at Skarvsnes. The camp consists of the main hut, a generator hut, a small (green) lab hut and a series of small tents for sleeping and work (the North Face dome tent was a science tent). My home for the month was the blue pyramid tent next to the NF dome tent.

Cheers, Dale

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