Astrobiologist Dale Andersen Antarctic Status Report 11 February 2018: Novolazarevskaya Station

©Dale Andersen/Garmin

Airstrip at Novolazarevskaya Station

Dale Andersen sent this message via Iridium 7:24:11 AM EST 11 February 2018: "Hi Keith: 14 members of the JARE 59 summer team are returning to Novolazarevskaya today, our flight shoutouts arrived in about 15 min. I will try to track the flight with my InReach, but may not be able to get a good signal while inside. More from Novo. cheers, Dale"

Dale Andersen sent this message via inReach 11:29:34 AM EST 11 February from: Lat -70.823708 Lon 11.6401: "Landed. Novo"

Larger image - airstrip at Novolazarevskaya Station

The webcam at Novo station is working. Waiting to hear if Dale Andersen has departed for Cape Town. He arrived at Novo Station this morning. An Ilyushin 76 and a Basler (modified DC-3) arrived this afternoon. The Basler has since departed. Awaiting confirmation that Dale was aboard the Basler.

Update: Dale was on the Ilyushin 76 it is used for flights between stations in Antarctica - the larger aircraft, the IL-76 and the B757 are used for getting people and cargo to and from the ice. The Basler, like the twin otters, fly back via South America so its a long set of flights home for them.

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