Astrobiologist Dale Andersen Antarctic Status Report 28 January 2018: Diving In Lake Skallen

Dale Andersen sent this via Iridium on January 28, 2018 1:27:35 PM EST "Keith: We had a busy day here today, diving Lake Skallen. The lake had retained about half its ice-cover which made searching for and retrieving instrumentation a bit more difficult."

"Unfortunately with 15 knot winds being a bit inconsistent the ice had a tendency to raft around. Naturally what we were looking for was usually beneath the ice but we had to be particularly vigilant about where the ice moved to make sure we were never in danger of entrapment. Unfortunately we could not locate the instrument package given the time we had and this will need to be recovered at a later date, perhaps next year or the year after.

Our weather has settled down and we now have high overcast and light wind. We expect a pickup by helo tomorrow afternoon, returning us to our hut at Skarvsnes."

Cheers, Dale"

Weather forecast from Neumayer-Station
Issued: 28/01/2018, 11:30 UTC

Syowa / S17

TODAY, broken, partly overcast by low and mid-level clouds, mostly dry, north-easterly winds around 10kt.
TONIGHT, clouds become scattered, wind 15kt from NE.
MONDAY, beside some scattered clouds lot of sunshine, 10kt from easterly directions.
TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, broken, partly overcast by various cloud layers, at times sunny spells, prevailing dry, north-
easterly winds below 10kt, in the morning up to 15kt.

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