Astrobiologist Dale Andersen Antarctic Status Report 29 November 2017: Blizzard Conditions

Current location at Lake Untersee

Received via Iridium 29 November 2017 4:30:03 PM EST: "Hi Keith The earlier weather forecasts were spot on and we have had blowing snow and high winds most of the day forcing us to retreat into our various tents for the day."

"Tonight and tomorrow the winds will increase somewhat from the 45-50 knots we have seen off and on all day to 55 knots. We have had a lot of blowing, stinging, snow and we are in and out of whiteout conditions. As long as the camp in intact, we will for the most part, remain inside. Although we are safe and warm, the night will be pretty noisy as the snow and winds pound our tents - and we need to remain vigilant just in case something gets loose or begins to blow away....gear, supplies - tents!

Catch you tomorrow, Dale"

Received via inReach 29 November 2017 5:08:13 PM EST "Just hit 61 knots...a bit noisy now as the gusts roll by....."

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