NASA/NAI Postdoctoral Program Selections

The NASA/NAI Postdoctoral Program (NPP) provides talented postdoctoral scientists with opportunities to engage in Institute-related research and serves as a source of future astrobiology talent and leadership. The NAI has selected four outstanding postdoctoral fellows to join NAI laboratories through the NPP November 2008 opportunity.

They are:

Eric Boyd
Advisor: John Peters, Montana State University
Topic: Methanogenic Activity in Subglacial Ecosystems: Molecular Insight into Life-Sustaining Processes in Extraterrestrial Environments

Henderson Cleaves
Advisor: George Cody, Carnegie Institution of Washington
Topic: A Search for Potentially Replicable Prebiotic Molecules

Brant Jones
Advisor: Ralf Kaiser, University of Hawaii
Topic: Exploring the Astrobiological Significance of Ices of Kuiper Belt Objects

Styliani Kafka
Advisor: Alycia Weinberger, Carnegie Institution of Washington
Topic: Forecasting Life: How is Space Weather Affecting Habitable Zones in Extrasolar Planets?

Join us in welcoming them to the NAI.

For more information:

[Source: NAI Newsletter]

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