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PANGAEA 2023 Away Team Training: The Electronic FieldBook Toolkit

By Keith Cowing
Status Report
May 12, 2024
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PANGAEA 2023 Away Team Training: The Electronic FieldBook Toolkit
PANGAEA 2023 Away Team Training — ESA

The trainees of the ESA PANGAEA2023 course focus on the use of some of the Electronic FieldBook tools suite, under the guidance by the course instructors.

The PANGAEA training course is designed to provide astronauts with the fundamental knowledge and practical skills to be effective field scientists during future planetary exploration missions to the Moon and Mars.

The PANGAEA course offers leading European scientists and geological analogue environments to teach astronauts the basics of field geology and astrobiology. The course has a strong focus on developing skills to identify and document scientifically relevant samples in the field and communicate to ground control using efficient and geologically correct language. This teaches PANGAEA trainees to become both autonomous field scientists and effective counterparts to the ground science teams that support scientific exploration in space. More

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