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NASA Spaceline Current Awareness List #1,066 15 September 2023 (Space Life Science Research Results)

By Keith Cowing
Status Report
September 15, 2023
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NASA Spaceline Current Awareness List #1,066 15 September 2023 (Space Life Science Research Results)
Plant science in space

Papers deriving from NASA support:

  1. Diak DM, Krieger S, Gutierrez C, Mehta S, Nelman-Gonzalez M, Babiak-Vazquez A, Young M, Oswald TM, Choukér A, Johnson J, James H, Chang CY, Crucian B.Palmer Station, Antarctica: A ground-based spaceflight analog suitable for validation of biomedical countermeasures for deep space missions.Life Sci Space Res. 2023 Aug 17. Online ahead of print.Note: From the abstract: “Astronauts are known to exhibit a variety of immunological alterations during spaceflight including changes in leukocyte distribution and plasma cytokine concentrations, a reduction in T-cell function, and subclinical reactivation of latent herpesviruses. These alterations are most likely due to mission-associated stressors including circadian misalignment, microgravity, isolation, altered nutrition, and increased exposure to cosmic radiation. Some of these stressors may also occur in terrestrial situations. This study sought to determine if crewmembers performing winterover deployment at Palmer Station, Antarctica, displayed similar immune alterations.”

    Journal Impact Factor: 2.5

    Funding: M. Young and B. Crucian are affiliated with NASA Johnson Space Center.
  2. Totsline N, Kniel KE, Bais HP.Microgravity and evasion of plant innate immunity by human bacterial pathogensnpj Microgravity. 2023 Sep 7;9(1):71. Review.Note: This article may be obtained online without charge.

    Journal Impact Factor: 5.1

    Funding: H.P.B., K.K., and N.T. acknowledge support from NASA-EPSCoR funding.
  3. Guan Y, Racioppi L, Gerecht S.Engineering biomaterials to tailor the microenvironment for macrophage–endothelium interactions.Nat Rev Mater. 2023 Sep 4.PI: S. GerechtNote: From the abstract: “Macrophages and endothelial cells (ECs) have essential roles in physiological and pathological conditions by regulating inflammation, vascularization and tissue remodeling. Although the interactions between macrophages and ECs in tissue homeostasis and disease progression have been extensively studied in the past few decades, the role of the extracellular matrix in this intercellular process is less known. Here, we review the current knowledge on how microenvironmental cues, biophysical and biochemical, dictate macrophage–endothelium crosstalk in the pathology of different diseases.”

    Journal Impact Factor: 83.5

    Funding: “S.G. acknowledges funding support from the Translational Research Institute for Space Health through NASA Cooperative Agreement NNX16AO69A (RAD0102). L.R. was supported by W81XWH-20-1-0498 and 1(GG014746-47) – Supplement.”
  4. Kleiman NJ, Edmondson EF, Weil MM, Fallgren CM, King A, Schmidt C, Hall EJ.Radiation cataract in heterogeneous stock mice after γ-ray or HZE ion exposure.Life Sci Space Res. 2023 Sep 15.PI: M.M. Weil/NSCORJournal Impact Factor: 2.5

    Funding: “This research was supported by National Aeronautics and Space Administration grants NAG-9-1519 (MMW and EJH), NNX12AB54G (MMW), and NNX15AK13G (MMW).”
  5. Cochran J, Yura Y, Thel MC, Doviak H, Polizio AH, Arai Y, Arai Y, Horitani K, Park E, Chavkin NW, Kour A, Sano S, Mahajan N, Evans M, Huba M, Naya NM, Sun H, Ban Y, Hirschi KK, Toldo S, Abbate A, Druley TE, Ruberg FL, Maurer MS, Ezekowitz JA, Dyck JRB, Walsh K.Clonal hematopoiesis in clinical and experimental heart failure with preserved ejection fraction.Circulation. 2023 Sep 8. Online ahead of print.PI: K. WalshNote: This article may be obtained online without charge.

    Journal Impact Factor: 37.8

    Funding: “This work was supported by funding from the National Institutes of Health (grants AG073249, AG072095, HL142650, and HL152174) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (grant 80NSSC21K0549) to Dr Walsh…”
  6. Hilditch CJ, Pradhan S, Costedoat G, Bathurst NG, Glaros Z, Gregory KB, Shattuck NL, Flynn-Evans EE.An at-home evaluation of a light intervention to mitigate sleep inertia symptoms.Sleep Health. 2023 Sep 5.Note: From the abstract: “Under laboratory settings, light exposure upon waking at night improves sleep inertia symptoms. We investigated whether a field-deployable light source would mitigate sleep inertia in a real-world setting.” This article may be obtained online without charge.

    Journal Impact Factor: 4.1

    Funding: “This work was supported in part by the Naval Medical Research Center’s Naval Advanced Medical Development Program (MIPR N3239820WXHN007) and the NASA Airspace Operations and Safety Program, System-Wide Safety.”
  7. Antonsen EL, Connell E, Anton W, Reynolds RJ, Buckland DM, Van Baalen M.Updates to the NASA human system risk management process for space exploration.npj Microgravity. 2023 Sep 7;9(1):72. Review.Note: From the abstract: “This paper describes updates to NASA’s approach for assessing and mitigating spaceflight-induced risks to human health and performance.” This article may be obtained online without charge.

    Journal Impact Factor: 5.1

    Funding: D.M. Buckland and M. Van Baalen are affiliated with NASA Johnson Space Center.
  8. Kim KJ, Baughman A, Estep P, Rivas E, Young M, Marshall-Goebel K, Abercromby A, Somers J.Uneven terrain affects metabolic cost and gait in simulated complex lunar surfaces.Physiol Meas. 2023 Sep 13. Online ahead of print.Note: This article may be obtained online without charge.

    Journal Impact Factor: 3.2

    Funding: M. Young, K. Marshall-Goebel, A. Abercromby, and J. Somers are affiliated with NASA Johnson Space Center.
  9. Langenfeld NJ, Bugbee B.An improved digestion and analysis procedure for silicon in plant tissue.PLoS One. 2023;18(9):e0289151.Note: This article may be obtained online without charge.

    Journal Impact Factor: Not available for this journal

    Funding: “This research was supported by the Utah Agricultural Experiment Station (B.B.), Utah State University, and approved as journal paper number 9684; National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA, B.B.), Center for the Utilization of Biological Engineering in Space (grant number NNX17AJ31G).”
  10. McMackin PM, Adam JA, Riley FP, Hirsa AH.Single-camera PTV within interfacially sheared drops in microgravity.Exp Fluids. 2023 Sep 4;64(9):154.PI: A.H. HirsaNote: From the abstract: “Development of experimental methods for in situ particle tracking velocimetry (PTV) is fundamental for allowing measurement of moving systems non-tailored for velocimetry. This investigation focuses on the development of a post-processing methodology for single-camera PTV, without laser-sheet illumination, tracking native air bubbles as tracer particles within a liquid drop of human insulin in microgravity.”

    Journal Impact Factor: 2.4

    Funding: “This work was supported by NASA Grant 80NSSC20K1726 and NSF Grant 1929134.”

Other papers of interest:

  1. Mikheeva I, Zhujkova N, Mikhailova G, Shtanchaev R, Pavlik L, Arkhipov V.Morphological changes in motoneurons of the oculomotor nucleus of mice after a 30-day spaceflight and through a 7-day period of readaptation to earth gravity.Brain Struct Funct. 2023 Sep 9.Note: The spaceflight information is not evident in the available abstract.
  2. Siddiqui R, Qaisar R, Al-Dahash K, Altelly AH, Elmoselhi A, Khan NA.Cardiovascular changes under the microgravity environment and the gut microbiome.Life Sci Space Res. 2023 Sep 9. Review. Online ahead of print.
  3. Tsugawa S, Miyake Y, Okamoto K, Toyota M, Yagi H, Terao Morita M, Hara-Nishimura I, Demura T, Ueda H.Shoot gravitropism and organ straightening cooperate to arrive at a mechanically favorable shape in Arabidopsis.Scientific Reports. 2023 Jul 17;13(1):11165.Note: From the abstract: “Gravitropism is the plant organ bending in response to gravity, while a straightening mechanism prevents bending beyond the gravitropic set-point angle. The promotion and prevention of bending occur simultaneously around the inflorescence stem tip. How these two opposing forces work together and what part of the stem they affect are unknown. To understand the mechanical forces involved, we rotated wild type and organ-straightening-deficient mutant (myosin xif xikArabidopsis plants to a horizontal position to initiate bending.” This article may be obtained online without charge.
  4. Thierry S, Jaulin F, Starck C, Ariès P, Schmitz J, Kerkhoff S, Bernard CI, Komorowski M, Warnecke T, Hinkelbein J.Evaluation of free-floating tracheal intubation in weightlessness via ice-pick position with a direct laryngoscopy and classic approach with indirect videolaryngoscopy.npj Microgravity. 2023 Sep 8;9(1):73.Note: From the abstract: “Long duration spaceflights to the Moon or Mars are at risk for emergency medical events. Managing a hypoxemic distress and performing an advanced airway procedure such as oro-tracheal intubation may be complicated under weightlessness due to ergonomic constraints. An emergency free-floating intubation would be dangerous because of high failure rates due to stabilization issues that prohibits its implementation in a space environment. Nevertheless, we hypothesized that two configurations could lead to a high first-pass success score for intubation performed by a free-floating operator.” This article may be obtained online without charge.
  5. Deng X, Ren T, Zhang H, Gao S, Yang W, Zhang J, Yu H, Jin X, Wang H, Li F, Zhai L, Farooq HMU, Zhang W, Qian A.Isorhamnetin alleviates the depression induced by hindlimb unloading in rats.Microgravity Sci Technol. 2023 Aug 31;35(5):45.Note: Hindlimb unloading study.
  6. Wang W, Zhong Y, Zhou Y, Yu Y, Li J, Kang S, Ma Z, Fan X, Sun L, Tang L.Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound mitigates cognitive impairment by inhibiting muscle atrophy in hindlimb unloaded mice.J Acoust Soc Am. 2023 Sep 1;154(3):1427-38.Note: Hindlimb unloading study.
  7. Fan J-F, Wang Y-K, Liu M, Liu G-S, Min T-J, Chen R-Y, He Y.Effect of angiotensin II on irradiation exacerbated decompression sickness.Sci Rep. 2023 Jul 19;13(1):11659.

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