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NAI/APS 2010 Selections for the Lewis and Clark Fund for Exploration and Field Research in Astrobiology

By Keith Cowing
July 9, 2010

The NAI is pleased to announce the 2010 Selections for the Lewis and Clark Fund for Exploration and Field Research in Astrobiology.

1. Knicole Colon, U Florida, travel to Spain for her project, “From Hot-Jupiters to Super Earths: Characterizing Transiting Extrasolar Planets with GTC/OSIRIS”.

2. Andrew Czaja, U Wisconsin, travel to Australia for a “Field Trip to Explore Archean and Proterozoic Geology of Western Australia”.

3. Jason Huberty, U Wisconsin, travel to Australia, for the “Fifth International Archean Synposium Field Trip to the Pilbara Craton, including the Fortescue and Hamersley Basins”.

4. Michele Knowlton, Arizona State U, travel to Yellowstone National Park to examine nitrogen fixation occurring within microbial mats.

5. Nancy McKeown, U California, Santa Cruz, travel to Arizona, for a “Spectral Study Of the Painted Desert, AZ, to “Characterize Clay Alterations Environments and Provide Implications for Astrobiology at Mawrth Valis, Mars, a Likely Mars Science Laboratory Landing Site”.

6. Elizabeth Percak-Dennet, U Wisconsin, travel to Australia, “Linking Laboratory and Field Studies of the Mineralogical and Iron Isotope Composition of Banded Iron Formations in Western Australia”.

7. Matthew Urschel, Montana State U, travel to Alberta, Canada to examine “Iron Reduction in the Subglacial Sediments of Robertson Glacier, Canada”.

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Source: NAI Newsletter

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