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Postdoc Position Available at the Marine Biological Lab, Woods Hole

By Keith Cowing
September 19, 2009

A postdoctoral position in microbial ecology with secondary emphases in evolutionary ecology, information theory and/or modeling is available at the Marine Biological Lab, Woods Hole. This NSF-funded project seeks to determine the principles governing how energy and matter flow through biological systems using laboratory microcosms as experiment systems. In addition, the project will advance a mathematical framework for modeling biogeochemistry orchestrated by microbial communities using a distributed metabolic network representation constrained by thermodynamics. We are seeking an individual with expertise in molecular microbial ecology with an interest in theoretical ecology or systems biology. Approximately 10% of the successful applicant’s time will be devoted to program outreach that involves development of educational web resources as well as dissemination of project results. Funding support is available for 2.5 years.

For more information, please see:

The successful applicant must hold a Ph.D. in microbiology, systems biology, or a related field. Expected skills include molecular biology and microscopy with some bioinformatics proficiency; chemostat operation and nutrient analyses are considered advantageous. While not required, expertise in theoretical ecology, systems biology, information theory, and/or biogeochemical modeling is highly desirable.

Application details are available on-line at

Please email Joe Vallino ([email protected]) or Julie Huber ([email protected]) with any questions about the position. Source: NAI Newsletter

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