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NAI Student Poster Competition at AbSciCon 2008

By Keith Cowing
May 1, 2008

The competition was fierce! Of 37 posters representing the full gamut of astrobiology research areas, six finalists moved into second round judging, and four awards were made. Please join NAI in thanking our judges and congratulating this year’s winners:

First place, $2000, and the Frank Drake Award goes to Tsubasa Otake for his poster “Theoretical investigations of equilibrium and surface adsorption effects on mass-dependent fractionation in multiple sulfur isotope systems.”

Second place, and $1250 goes to Pamela Hill for her poster “Non-redox Iron Isotope Signatures.”

Third place, and $750 goes to Aaron Goldman for his poster “A Method of Protein Function Prediction for Extremophilic Organisms.”

Fourth place, and $500 goes to Nathan Kaib for his poster “The Effects of Oort Cloud Comet Showers on Earth.”

The awards are sponsored by the NAI, with additional support from Louis Lerman and Steve Benner through the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution.

[Source: NAI newsletter]

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