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Apply Today for Upcoming NASA Opportunities: Spaceward Bound Fieldwork Opportunity for Students

By Keith Cowing
December 15, 2007

Spaceward Bound is an educational program designed to train the next generation of space explorers. Students participate in the exploration of scientifically interesting but remote and extreme environments on Earth as analogs for human exploration of the moon and Mars.

The student program enables students at the upper-undergraduate and graduate levels to participate as crew members in two-week-long immersive, full-scale simulations of living and working on the moon and Mars at the Mars Desert Research Station. The Spaceward Bound crew rotations at MDRS take place from October to March each year. They are currently planned through 2010.

Applications for these expeditions are available through The Mars Society, which established and operates the Research Station. Each Spaceward Bound MDRS participant receives a $500 stipend toward travel expenses.

For more information, visit

Register Today for IPY/NSTA Web Seminars – Arctic and Antarctic Living Systems

Join NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the National Science Foundation and the National Science Teachers Association for three, free Web seminars on the topic of the International Polar Year. Designed for educators of grades 5-8, the seminars will focus on land and marine adaptations to extreme conditions, species migration, and the role of humans in polar ecosystems.

The presenters will share their expertise, answer questions from the participants and provide information regarding Web sites that students can use in the classroom.

The Web seminars are 90-minute, live professional development sessions that use online learning technologies to allow participants to interact with nat ionally acclaimed experts, scientists, engineers and education specialists funded by NASA, NOAA and NSF. Each Web seminar is a unique, stand-alone program. Archives of the Web seminars and the presenters presentations will be available online.

The Web seminars in this series are scheduled for Dec. 30, 2007, Jan. 17 and Jan. 24, 2008. Each seminar will begin at 6:30 p.m. EDT.

Online registration for each is now open.

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