Radiation: September 2008

This National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Research Announcement (NRA) solicits proposals for NASA Specialized Centers of Research (NSCOR) in support of the Space Radiation Program Element within the Human Research Program. NNJ08ZSA003N, entitled, " NASA Specialized Centers of Research (NSCORs): Carcinogenesis and Central Nervous System Risks from Space Radiation."

The central focus of this solicitation is research that will provide the basis for improved estimation and uncertainty reduction for solid cancer, leukemia and central nervous system (CNS) risks from space radiation. In addition the discovery of biological countermeasure approaches to reduce solid cancer risks from galactic cosmic rays (GCR) is a focus. To be responsive to this research solicitation, proposed studies should be hypothesis-driven using cutting edge approaches that will lead to new knowledge within accepted scientific standards. Purely phenomenological approaches with no significant mechanistic basis or likely gain in scientific knowledge will not be funded.