Moons and Icy Worlds: November 2010

The Laboratory of Plantetology and Geodynamics of CNRS/University of Nantes, France, invites applications for one postdoctoral position in the field of experimental synthesis of clathrate hydrate for planetological applications. The proposed work is part of the NASA Astrobiology Institute Project 08-NAI5-0021 (Astrobiology of Icy Worlds: Habitability, Survivability, and Detectability) and is funded by the University of Nantes.

The two objectives of the postdoctoral researcher are:

* to study experimentally the stability of methane clathrate hydrate in aqueous melts under various conditions of pressure and temperature within the range of the icy moons mantles. The influence of ammonia and salts will be explored.

* to investigate the binary system H2O-CO2 in order to constrain the effect of pressure (depth) on both the clathrate stability and the solvus evolution.