Goddard Center for Astrobiology Summer Student Presentations

Please join us as this year's students present the results of their summer's research. The 2008 Summer Undergraduate Internship in Astrobiology is a ten-week internship in astrobiology held each year at Goddard Space Flight Center.

Date/Time: Wednesday, August 6, 2008 11am Pacific


Charlotte Carlstrom, Emory University: "Molecular Signatures of Life in Surface Ice and Snow as a Mars Analog"

Ariel Lewis, Eckard College: "Amino Acids it's in the bag: Using LC-FD/ToF-MS to Detect Contamination"

Lorne C. Loudin, Keene State College: "Determining the impactors of the Late Heavy Bombardment: Highly Siderophile Elements and Osmium Isotope Systematics in the Lunar Impact Melt 76055"

Nadezhda Radeva, Connecticut College: "A High-resolution Spectral Survey of Mars at Infrared Wavelengths: Searching for Signatures of Life"

Lily Raines, Eckerd College: "Following the Carbon: Structure, Chemistry and Spectroscopy of Frozen Ethane"

Kamen Todorov, Connecticut College: "The Atmosphere of Exoplanet HAT-P-1b from Spitzer Space Telescope Observations"

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