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Habitable Worlds Observatory Science, Technology, Architecture Review Team and Virtual Town Hall

By Keith Cowing
Status Report
April 14, 2023
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Habitable Worlds Observatory Science, Technology, Architecture Review Team and Virtual Town Hall
Habitable Worlds Observatory

Dear Colleagues,

NASA is creating a Science, Technology, Architecture Review Team (START) to determine the science scope and needed observatory capabilities for the Habitable Worlds Observatory (HWO).

HWO was prioritized by the 2020 Astrophysics Decadal Survey and is slated to be the NASA Astrophysics flagship mission that will follow the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope. HWO will directly image and characterize exoplanets and conduct a wide range of groundbreaking astrophysics observations in the ultraviolet-visible-near infrared wavelength range. The Dear Colleague Letter and detailed Terms of Reference can be found on the NASA Astrophysics Great Observatories Maturation Program (GOMAP) webpage at: https://science.nasa.gov/astrophysics/programs/gomap

We are soliciting self-nominations for people to serve on the START. We want START to be composed of people from diverse backgrounds and disciplinary perspectives, and encourage scientists, engineers, and technologists with terminal degrees in their field to self-nominate.

For more information on the START self-nomination process, please see the Dear Colleague Letter. For more information on the duties of START and its relationship to other activities please see the Terms of Reference for the NASA Astrophysics HWO START.

NASA will host a Virtual Town Hall meeting on Friday, May 5, 2023, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM (Eastern Time) to answer questions from the community. To connect to the town hall meeting, users with Microsoft Teams click here or follow this link: https://tinyurl.com/HWOSTART. Users without Teams can follow the link and choose the join with their browser.
Meeting ID: 284 516 069 792
Passcode: oCEbCt
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Please also check the GOMAP website at https://science.nasa.gov/astrophysics/programs/gomap for additional information.

Questions may be addressed to [email protected]

Thank you in advance for your interest in this exciting future project!

Mark Clampin
Director, Astrophysics Division


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