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AbSciCon 2019 – Livestream

By Keith Cowing
AbSciCon 2019
June 22, 2019
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AbSciCon 2019 – Livestream

AbSciCon 2019 is the next in a series of conferences organized by the astrobiology community. AbSciCon will be held 24-28 June 2019 in Bellevue, Washington.

The theme for AbSciCon 2019 is “Understanding and Enabling the Search for Life on Worlds Near and Far.” Within our solar system, icy worlds and Mars have generated excitement, and exoplanets offer numerous and diverse environments where life may exist in other planetary systems. Near future missions and observations will scrutinize many of these targets to understand their environments and search for signs of life. Meanwhile, fundamental research on the origin and evolution of life on Earth drives our understanding about life processes that may operate elsewhere.

AbSciCon 2019 will also provide an opportunity for the Astrobiology community to come together to discuss the recommendations given by the recent NAS Exoplanet and Astrobiology Committees, as well as a forum for planning and strategizing for the upcoming Decadals.

Among other topics, the conference will address:

  • Star-planet-planetary system interactions and habitability.
  • Alternative and agnostic biosignatures
  • Understanding the environments of early Earth
  • Evidence for early life on Earth
  • Subsurface habitability and life
  • Ocean worlds near and far
  • Characterizing habitable zone exoplanets
  • Transition of prebiotic chemistry to biology
  • Energy sources in the environment and metabolic pathways that use that energy
  • Terrestrial planets orbiting M dwarfs
  • Other

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