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Hearing: Exoplanet Discoveries: Have We Found Other Earths?

By Keith Cowing
House of Representatives
May 9, 2013
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Hearing: Exoplanet Discoveries: Have We Found Other Earths?

The purpose of the hearing is to review the recent discovery of three super-Earth sized planets by the NASA’s Kepler space telescope. The hearing will also assess the state of exoplanet surveying, characterization, and research; NASA’s Exoplanet Exploration Program; National Science Foundation’s Division of Astronomical Science; as well as coordination within the government and with external partners. NASA and NSF both contribute to the search for exoplanets.

Hearing charter

Prepared Statements

James Ulvestad, NSF
John Grunsfeld, NASA
Laurance Doyle, SETI Institute
Rep. Steven Palazzo
Rep. Larry Bucshon
Rep. Lamar Smith

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