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Two Postdoctoral Positions in Exoplanet Research at the University of Hawaii at Manoa

By Keith Cowing
November 25, 2011

1. Searches for exoplanets: The successful applicant to this position will contribute to an ongoing Doppler and transit search for exoplanets around cool stars, and characterization of transiting planets using Mauna Kea and other observatories.

Requirements: Ph.D. in physics, astrophysics, or astronomy, and previous observing experience.

2. Exoplanet atmospheres and interiors: The successful applicant will conduct research on one or more topics involving the incorporation of volatiles into planets, the formation and properties of primordial atmospheres, subsolidus convection and melting of the interior, and the
exchange of volatiles between the interior and surface.


Ph.D. in a relevant field (astrophysics, planetary science, geophysics), and strong numerical modeling skills.

Each postdoc will interact with other investigators in an interdisciplinary environment, and be encouraged to demonstrate leadership in a particular specialty. Each position is initially for one year, with a second year depending on research performance, and a third year depending on performance and funding. Each position offers an annual stipend of $52,000 and the opportunity to live in Honolulu, the top-ranked U.S. city in the 2010 Mercer Quality of Living Survey.

Starting date: January 1 or as soon as possible thereafter. To apply, send a 2-page CV, including publication list, and names and contact information of 2 references to Eric Gaidos ([email protected])

Source: NAI Newsletter

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