Astrobiology (general)

New Astrobiology Centre at Stockholm University, Swede

By Keith Cowing
March 24, 2011

A new virtual Astrobiology Centre is being founded at Stockholm University to which the Departments of Astronomy, Geology, Physics, and Molecular Biology and Functional Genomics will contribute. The centre will conduct a multitude of interdisciplinary research efforts, some carried out in cooperation with NAI teams. Four postdoctoral researchers will be hired for these projects over the next four years. In addition, five graduate student (Ph.D.) positions starting in Fall 2011 have been announced (information at ).

In addition to research activities, the centre, which will be an extension of the existing Astrobiology Graduate School, will organise special courses in astrobiology, summer schools, conferences, and seminars. The Nordic Network of Astrobiology Graduate Schools is also coordinated from Stockholm University.

Source: NAI Newsletter

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