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Three New NASA Postdoctoral Fellows Join The NAI

By Keith Cowing
September 19, 2009

The NAI has selected three new postdoctoral fellows, Siobhan Wilson, Sanchaya Gupta, and Nancy Akerman as they join NAI teams through the NASA Postdoctoral Program. Nancy Akerman will work with Julie Huber at the Marine Biological Laboratory (Carnegie Insitution of Washington Team), to examine “Habitability in Extreme Environments: Microbial Function and Activity in Deep and Shallow Marine Hydrothermal Systems”. Sanchaya (Neal) Gupta will work with both the MIT and CIW teams on the research topic, “Polymeric Biosignatures in Organismic Fossils and Environmental Controls on their Preservation”, working with Roger Summons and George Cody. Siobhan (Sasha) Wilson will be working with David Bish at Indiana University, on a project entitled, “Hydrated Sulfate Minerals: a Habitat for Martian Microorganisms?” The next application deadline for the NASA Postdoctoral Program is November 1, 2009. See for more information. Source: NAI Newsletter

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