Education and Outreach

2009 Soffen Fund Travel Grant

By Keith Cowing
March 10, 2009

The Gerald A. Soffen Memorial Fund is pleased to announce the first of two 2009 Travel Grant application opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students pursuing studies in the fields of space science and engineering.

The Travel Grants, in the amount of $500, enable student recipients to attend professional meetings to present their research. The first 2009 Travel Grant application deadline is April 1, 2009. Jerry Soffen, a biologist by training, led a distinguished career at NASA, including serving as the Project Scientist for Viking and as an architect for the NASA Astrobiology Institute. The Travel Grant continues Jerry’s dedication to educating and involving future generations in space science and engineering pursuits. The electronic application materials and instructions are located on the Soffen Fund website:

Questions regarding the application or application process may be sent to: [email protected]

[Source: NAI Newsletter]

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