Analog Studies

NAI ARC Team Initiates New Education Project with Lassen

By Keith Cowing
November 16, 2008

Scientists from the NAI Ames Team have teamed with rangers from Lassen Volcanic National Park to create the Lassen Astrobiology Internship Program. Ten high school sophomores from the rural areas around the park will hike – and later on in the year, snowshoe – to three locations within the Park several times throughout the 2008-09 school year, collecting water samples and other data at various locations. The samples will be analyzed, and the data provided to researchers on the NAI Ames Team to increase their knowledge about the microbial populations in the diverse hydrothermal areas and extreme environments within the Park.

NAI Ames Team scientists visited with the students in late October to begin training them on the use of the sampling equipment. Lassen and NAI education specialists were on hand to facilitate. This project is strengthened by a special emphasis on promoting continued science education and science career choices.

Source: NAI Newsletter

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