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Courses and Conferences: Planetary Protection: Policies and Practices

By Keith Cowing
September 4, 2008

Oct. 7-9, 2008
Location: Center of Marine Biotechnology, 701 East Pratt Street Baltimore, Maryland 21202

NASA has developed this course on planetary protection policies and practices to familiarize current and future practitioners with NASA and COSPAR planetary protection programs. The course provides a comprehensive review of all applicable policies, practices and procedures necessary to implement a successful planetary protection program, emphasizing integration of managerial, administrative, and laboratory aspects of planetary protection.

This course is designed for managers, engineers, designers, lab technicians, and others interested in learning about the theory behind and application of planetary protection principles. Participants learn how the work of personnel with diverse skills and responsibilities is coordinated to implement planetary protection programs. This course provides hands-on laboratory training in microbial sampling and data management. The course is taught by experts in the field with years of practical experience in all aspects of planetary protection.

Registration Deadline: Sept 22, 2008

For more information: [Source: NAI Newsletter]

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