Education and Outreach

The NAI Selects Postdoctoral Fellows

By Keith Cowing
March 23, 2008

The NAI is very pleased to announce the selection of three NAI Fellows, who will receive awards through the NASA Postdoctoral Program.

The three Fellows are:

Daiki Horikawa, Advisor: Lynn Rothschild, NAI’s SETI Institute Team, Tolerance of tardigrades to extremes: Implications for the existence of multicellular organisms in extraterrestrial environments.

Olivia Mason, Advisor: Jim Cowen, NAI’s University of Hawaii Team, Phylogenetic and functional diversity of microorganisms associated with crustal fluids

Steven Mielke, Advisor Nancy Kiang, NAI’s VPL – University of Washington Team, Molecular-Environmental Limits of Terrestrial Photosynthesis: Implications for Extrasolar Biosignatures

We welcome the new Fellows to the NAI.

The deadline for the next NAI opportunity for NPP Fellowships is July 1, 2008. For additional information about the program see .

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