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ESA ISGP ASGSB ELGRA meeting in Angers, France

By Keith Cowing
February 9, 2008

Dear ASGSB Members and Friends

The Second Announcement of the ESA ISGP ASGSB ELGRA meeting in Angers, France, June 23-27 will be sent to you soon from the ESA Conference Bureau. The scientific committee is very excited about the developments so far leading up to the meeting, which is titled “Life in Space for Life on Earth”. Here are a few things you should know right away.

The abstract submission deadline has been extended to March 15. This will allow additional time for advisers and students to coordinate plans for submission of the abstract and for application for travel assistance. Time will still be adequate for the selection process, and notifications will be sent on April 15 for both the selection of abstracts and the selection of Young Researcher travel assistance awards. We are delighted to announce that travel assistance will be available for a large number of applicants to the meeting’s Young Researcher Program. Successful applicants will receive a check for $500 or 350 Euros at the meeting, and we are confident in funding the top 35 applicants and possibly more, thanks to ESA’s generosity and a grant recieved by ASGSB from NASA. Awardees will be selected on the basis of abstract scientific quality as judged by the abstract review team (which consists of two representatives of each participating society). Top applicants will be invited to present their work orally in a morning session if they prefer. In addition, awardees will become members of the Young Researchers Program, which may include low-cost housing, reduced registration fee and group activities. In addition, ASGSB will be able to assist a few needy investigators.

Also, you recently received the announcement of the Dr. Gerald A. Soffen Memorial Fund for the Advancement of Space Science Education. All graduate and undergraduate students submitting an abstract are eligible to apply for this prestigious award, which is a travel grant in the amount of $500 for the presentation of student research at a national or international meeting. The application deadline is April 1, 2008. Please visit the web site to apply:

The meeting URL is linked to the ASGSB web site , and the meeting web site itself is . This site will be updated before or shortly after you receive this message.

Now is the time to get going. We look forward to seeing you in Angers!

Paul Todd
ASGSB Program Chair
Scientific Committee

Until the web site is updated, the following URL can be used for a sneak preview of the abstract submission process. You cannot and should not submit an abstract through this link:

ESA ISGP ASGSB ELGRA mtg – 2nd Announcement’CXNL’& Project_Id=’08A09’&Form_Id=1&Language_Code

At the ESA Conference Bureau we are grateful to Gonnie Elfering, who is serving as the meeting point of contact: Telephone: +31 71 5655056 Telefax: +31 71 5655658 e-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]

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