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Astrobiology Science and Technology Instrument Development, including Concept Studies for Small Payloads and Satellites (ASTID)

By Keith Cowing
December 14, 2007

ROSES-07 Amendment 28: This amendment reinstates a previously deferred program element in Appendix C.19 of ROSES-2007 now entitled “Astrobiology Science and Technology Instrument Development, including Concept Studies for Small Payloads and Satellites” (ASTID).

This program element requests proposals to develop instrumentation capabilities to help meet Astrobiology science requirements on future space flight missions as well as unique Astrobiology science objectives on Earth. Selected activities are expected to advance the development of scientific instruments or instrument components to the point where the instruments could credibly be proposed in response to future flight opportunity announcements, including instruments that could be accommodated on or in small satellites (under 50kg total spacecraft mass) or as small payloads in support of future science activities associated with missions of human exploration. Note that proposals to build and fly hardware on a specific mission opportunity are not solicited in this program element. In addition, this program solicits the development of instruments for use in future field campaigns under the Astrobiology Science and Technology for Exploring Planets (ASTEP) Program.

This year, this program element is also soliciting mission-concept proposals for Astrobiology missions that may be considered within the scope of future opportunities to use small satellite systems (under 50kg mass) or that could support human exploration missions, but need further refinement prior to being considered under a future small satellite / payload mission solicitation. Only small satellite / small payload mission concept proposals will be accepted under ASTID this year.

Notices of Intent to propose are due December 14, 2007, and proposals are due February 15, 2008.

For more information: http://tinyurl.com/2vrjux

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