NASA Astrobiology Program

NAI Announces 2007 Director's Discretionary Fund Awards

By Keith Cowing
April 24, 2007

The NASA Astrobiology Institute is pleased to announce the selection of 18 proposals for support through the 2007 NAI Director’s Discretionary Fund. These awards allocate more than $1.7M toward strategic investments that advance the science of astrobiology, demonstrate impact to NASA’s space flight programs or its broader science activities, and/or contribute to NASA’s role as a federal R&D agency. The members of the Institute, in collaboration with members of the larger astrobiology community, responded to this year’s DDF Call for Proposals with a bold, interdisciplinary, and focused set of proposals.

New work made possible by this support includes the development of instrumentation for remote biosignature detection, the study of extra-solar planets, the simulation of the Martian environment, and the study of Earth in an astrobiological context from the Moon.
Congratulations to all the selected investigators, and to those new collaborators, “Welcome to the NAI!”

The complete list of NASA Astrobiology Institute 2007 DDF Awards can be viewed at:

[Source: NAI Newsletter]

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