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AbGradCon 2007 @ Bioastronomy

By Keith Cowing
March 21, 2007

We’re getting AbGradCon back on track! The next installment of AbGradCon (The Astrobiology Graduate Conference) will be held July 14 & 15, 2007 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The goal of AbGradCon is to foster communication and collaboration within the broad astrobiology-related graduate student and postdoc community, and to give early graduate students a chance to practice speaking in a collegial atmosphere. AbGradCon 2007 @ Bioastronomy is being organized in cooperation with the IAU Bioastronomy Symposium being held July 16 – 20, one of the largest astrobiology-related conferences of 2007.

There will be approximately 20 short talks available to all participants, with several overview talks given by late-stage graduate students or early post-docs, as well as panel discussions/workshops about the future of AbGradCon and other issues important to young scientists in astrobiology-related career paths. We will also be hosting a dinner and an ice-breaker social event on Saturday night. There is no registration fee for AbGradCon, and we are working on travel support for participants who are selected to give talks; the abstract deadline for talk and travel support consideration is April 1st. AbGradCon participants are encouraged to attend Bioastronomy as well, but not required.

Help us build the AbGradCon community and develop connections for the future!

Visit the AbGradCon @ Bioastronomy 2007 website ( ) for registration and more information.

[Source: NAI Newsletter]

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