Astrobiology (general)

The NASA Astrobiology Institute Selects Four New NAI Fellows

By Keith Cowing
December 12, 2006

The NAI is pleased to announce the selection of four NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellows for 2006. They are:

– Oleg Abramov, Advisor: Stephen Mojzsis, NAI University of Colorado, topic, Habitability of Early Earth: Thermal Modeling of the Lithosphere During the Late Heavy Bombardment.

– Jennifer Biddle, Advisor, Andreas Teske, NAI Marine Biological Laboratory (UNC Chapel Hill), topic, Molecular and Metabolic Characterization of Uncultivated Archael Groups of the subsurface

– Curtis Cooper, Advisor: Alex Pavlov, University of Arizona, topic, Three-Dimensional Modeling of Habitable Zones and the Paleoclimates of the Terrestrial Planets

– Matt Pasek, Advisor: Jonathon Lunine University of Arizona, topic, An investigation to the Relationship of Phosphorus and Sulfur Cosmochemistry to the Origin of Life

NAI Fellows have a wide spectrum of opportunities for further collaboration with NAI researchers, NASA missions, as well as with the external scientific community. In this role, NAI Fellows act as ‘Ambassadors’ amongst the NAI Teams, and between the NAI and the broader scientific community, – helping to further define and lead the discipline of astrobiology. Congratulations to all the new NAI Fellows, and their advisors, – we wish them an enjoyable and productive time with the NASA Astrobiology Institute. [Source: NAI Newsletter]

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