Astrobiology (general)

December 2006 Issue of Astrobiology (Journal) Online

By Keith Cowing
December 12, 2006

Astrobiology December 2006 Issue – Portable Analyzer Is Powerful Tool for Detecting Biomarkers of Life on Mars, Astrobiology

The Mars Organic Analyzer (MOA) can detect a much broader spectrum of organic compounds than was previously possible, and these could serve as key biomarkers of extinct or existing life on Mars.

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  • Life Up North: Meeting Report: Nordic Astrobiology 2006: Origins & Distribution of Life in the Universe
  • Methane Production by Methanogens Following an Aerobic Washing Procedure: Simplifying Methods for Manipulation
  • Application of the Mars Organic Analyzer to Nucleobase and Amine Biomarker Detection
  • Chemical Mapping of Proterozoic Organic Matter at Submicron Spatial Resolution
  • Exposure of Arabidopsis thaliana to Hypobaric Environments: Implications for Low-Pressure Bioregenerative Life Support Systems for Human Exploration Missions and Terraforming on Mars
  • An Examination of the Carbon Isotope Effects Associated with Amino Acid Biosynthesis
  • Detectability of Planetary Characteristics in Disk-Averaged Spectra II: Synthetic Spectra and Light-Curves of Earth
  • Search for Extraterrestrial Life Using Chiral Molecules: Mandelate Racemase as a Test Case
  • Was Earth Ever Infected by Martian Biota? Clues from Radioresistant Bacteria
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